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Financial Services

Welcome to THE FINANCE SUITE where Shakira J is committed to helping others develop the beauty of fiscal wellness! Her comprehensive suite of financial services offers a range of options tailored to meet your unique needs, helping you move towards achieving your financial goals with confidence and clarity.

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Credit Repair Enrollment

Improve your credit score and financial opportunities with our Credit Repair Enrollment program. Our experts guide you through credit analysis, dispute resolution, and score enhancement techniques to rebuild and maintain a healthy credit profile.

Debt Help

Find relief and regain financial stability with our Debt Help services. We offer strategies for debt consolidation, negotiation, and management, empowering you to reduce your debt burden and achieve long-term financial health.

Business Funding

Kickstart your business growth with our tailored Business Funding programs. Access capital for expansion, inventory, equipment, or cash flow management. We provide various funding solutions to support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Free LLC Registration

Start your business journey without the burden of high initial costs with our Free LLC Registration service. We handle the paperwork; you only cover the state fees. This service is designed to streamline the process of establishing your LLC, making business ownership accessible and straightforward.

DIY Personal Credit 

Take control of your financial future with our Person Credit DIY service. We provide you with all the tools and guidance necessary to understand, build, and maintain your credit independently. Perfect for those who prefer a hands-on approach, our platform empowers you to boost your credit score effectively and sustainably at your own pace.

Personal Loan

Explore personalized loan options for your unique financial needs. Our Personal Loan services offer competitive rates and flexible terms, helping you manage expenses, fund a major purchase, or consolidate debt with ease.

Business Credit Suite

Enhance your business's financial profile with the Novae Business Credit Suite. Our comprehensive service supports you in building stronger. Ideal for businesses looking to expand, our suite offers tailored strategies and tools to secure better financing terms and grow your enterprise efficiently.

File Your Taxes

Navigate the complexities of tax filing with our expert services. Whether you're an individual or a business, our comprehensive tax preparation assistance ensures accuracy, maximizes deductions, and keeps you compliant with tax laws.

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